Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trip to ATLANTA!!!

November 25-28, 2011

So, because Georgia is my favorite state, (You can blame my love for Atlanta on my hate for the Denver Broncos. Back in 1999, the Falcons played the Broncos in the Super Bowl. My mom and I went to the store for some game day food. They had these big balloons for sale of the two teams. My family didn't like the Broncos, but I think my sister for some reason was cheering for them... Anyway, I talked my mom into buying the Falcon balloon to tease Ally and since then, they were "my team." (: Because of that, Atlanta is my city and Georgia is my state.) my trip there with my mom was spent trying to fulfill every known activity from the state and city. We decided to rely on songs to tell us what Georgia was all about and tried to live them out!

But... It was surprisingly hard to accomplish the things I knew were supposed to happen in Atlanta, Georgia.....

One of the first places we did from a song was to eat at Johnny Rockets (and then go back three more times). I'm not sure exactly what song it's from... A rap song that I'd never heard... but we were pretty desperate for some fun and looked up every Atlanta song while we were there for ideas and found some lyrics with a reference to this restaurant... The people who worked there were super fun and nice. (Although they had no idea about their home team's schedule and couldn't tell us about any attractions in the city to visit) The manager even remembered us when we came in again. Which isn't too hard to believe since it was three times in about 48 hours....

While wandering the park near our hotel one night, we saw a huge Christmas (fake) pine tree. Didn't get a picture with us "meeting in the middle of that ol' Georgia pine" but one of the tree will work fine to fit the song "Meet in the Middle," by Diamond Rio. :)

Saturday night, after watching the Olympic fountain and light show and looking through the park, we saw a street light go out. Looked across the street to see two more out. Perfect. It fit right in with "The Night the Lights went out in Georgia." That song was easier to find than probably any other one even though you'd think it'd be difficult!

Sunday morning brought the Falcons/Vikings game. Also a part of many rap songs I do not know the names of are the Atlanta Falcons. This picture from the game can account for all of those songs and all of the many lines that either describe the team, arena or players from the Falcons!

After the game, we went out to dinner and I finally found what I had been looking for from the second our plane landed... A Georgia Peach! We looked, asked about, and searched online for a grocery store, gas station or market that we could find a peach at. We never found a store the whole time we were there but did eventually find a peach. (Even though I'm sure it wasn't even one from Georgia but from a can instead.) We decided to eat at the Hard Rock for dinner and after looking at the menu, had given up on a peach since it was our last night and there was not even anything peach flavored to choose from. While waiting for our dinner, we made some friends with the people at the next table over. They also had one Falcon fan and one Minnesota fan. After talking (and after them leaving their wives at their table to come to ours, ha) we found out that they were from South Carolina and were visiting for the game, too. They were surprised that we were from Utah. "Did you ride here on a pony?" Haha, apparently they think we're pretty far behind the times. After taking a few pictures on their phones (they REALLY were shocked we were from Utah, and apparently needed proof) and them giving us an empty to go box (?) they were gone and we were left laughing and not believing what had just happened. Even the waiters had mentioned how weird and awkward the situation had become. Finally left in peace to eat, we looked over the menu one last time and I saw a small insert at the back. "Local Favorites." FINALLY, and just in time. Peach Cobbler with ice cream and caramel sauce. So it's not a fresh peach like I'd hoped for, but at this point we were going to have to settle for a peach flavored Jolly Rancher from the hotel gift shop; so a real, live peach was exciting! Not the best peach I've had but it was the most delicious, wonderful GEORGIA peach ever!! I'm so glad I had the chance to live out this part from the most important Georgia songs! :)

Before my time in"My lanta," as Bryleigh would call it, was over, we were able to experience a couple more lines from songs. We had a long walk from the hotel to the train that would take us to the airport. During that walk, it was pouring rain (the same rain that would delay our flight for hours and almost make us miss our connecting flight from Memphis to SLC) and the song "Georgia Rain" by Trisha Yearwood came to mind. I was glad that, unlike us, these other people had their umbrellas so my rain picture actually did show the rain. One good part of this Georgia rain was the Georgia mud that it created. Because we were in the middle of the city, dirt and mud was hard to find but luckily they had many trees planed on the sidewalk so there were a few about 1 foot squares of dirt for the plants to live in every couple blocks. I took advantage and "Stomped my boots in the Georgia mud" from the song by Luke Bryan. Sadly, these stompings were some of the last steps taken in my city. But, just because it was time to leave, didn't mean I had to stop with the songs...

Finally, after our 3 hour unexpected extended stay in Atlanta, we were able to get on the plane and make our next stop in Memphis. I was glad it was still raining in this city, too. Because it fit the song "Walking in Memphis." Not only did I get to walk (and somewhat run, due to being late to our flight) in Memphis I got to "touch down in the Delta Blue in the middle of the pouring rain." :) (I'm sad we were in such a hurry in Memphis that I didn't get any pictures.) But, what a perfect way to end our trip of doing everything the songs tell us theses cities are about!

Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year!

We had such a fun New Year's Eve at my mom's house this year! We played games, ate lots of good food, and had a great time with family. Bryleigh made it to midnight- she likes to stay up late and is glad that there is a holiday just to do that! Tonight, for the first time in her life, Bryleigh did not cry at the sight (or most likely the sound) of fireworks. I was soo glad because fireworks are my favorite and I thought she'd never grow out of it! She was pretty proud of herself, too. "I didn't even cry! Gramma, I didn't even cry! Daddy, I didn't even cry at the fireworks! Mommy, I didn't cry, I'm a big girl, I'm three!!" Pretty cute :) Such a fun way to start a brand new year!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

...So Bryleigh has gotten the walking skill pretty much down and has moved on to her next big thing... Being a mom.

She takes this job very seriously... She loves her babies, she sings with them, takes them fun places... Bryleigh makes sure her babies don't get hurt or taken. She accomplishes this by carrying the baby around everywhere she goes. And as if holding one is not enough, she will come and take a doll you're holding even if it makes crawling or walking hard, just because it's her's. Just one of the many the joys of having a toddler! She loves her babies and squeezes them tight and gives them lots of love. She helps them fall asleep by patting their backs and rocking them back and forth. She treats her babies nicely except when they're naughty, she will occasionally bite them on the arm or drop them (especially if another toy looks like more fun...)

Her baby is the first toy that she's shown a connection with the word and the object. I'll say "go get your baby or where's your baby?" and she will search the house until she has found it and will bring it back. She's getting so smart!
I'm glad she is so mother-like and knows how people, real or not, are supposed to be treated. I guess she has a good mom to teach her the right way. :)

..movie night..

The other night me and Bryleigh stayed up late watching the Wizard of Oz!

I love that movie and was so happy to see that she did too!! She is such a crazy and happy baby that is always on the move so I was really surprised to see her sit so well and watch the show with me! She did get up a few times but realized she was missing the movie and stopped what she was doing to watch again! This picture of her by the couch is my favorite, look how cute she stands...! :) We definately had a fun night but by the middle of the movie Bryleigh was so sleepy and ready for bed, I ended up watching the rest of the movie alone but was happy to have someone to snuggle with me for part of it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day at the Doctor....

She wasn't afraid of the doctor...
After waking up with a rash that covered the right side of her face and right side of her belly and waiting all day while it spread, Bryleigh seemed excited to be at the doctor's office. She yelled, played in all the cupboards, and walked around the room waiting to hear what the problem was. We had an eventful morning after I noticed the red dots on her face. After going to daycare/work to have them look at it, we decided to call the doctor. They didn't have any appointments available until 2:15!! So we had to wait all day at home. I was worried because the rash that had started very small had grown to her whole stomach and back and was all over her face!! She didn't seem to be as worried though, she still wanted to play, eat and crawl all over the house. After a little lunch, it was time to go and figure out what the rash was from. The doctor came right in, took a couple looks at Bryleigh, who waited so nicely, and decided she was allergic to Penicillin. She had been taking it last week for an ear infection but developed the allergy three days after finishing the medicine. The allergy is bad news for when she gets an infection again and will need to try out a new medicine but luckily nothing serious was wrong!